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About the Artist

I was born the youngest of 3 boys right in the middle of the post WW2 baby boom to a pilot and stay at home mom. 1955 the year of the opening of Disneyland and Mickey Mouse Club debut. The new Chevy Bel Air which ran on 23-cent-a-gallon gas. James Dean starred in East of Eden and later died in a car crash. That same year Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were born, the average home cost was $10,900 and minimum wage was a buck. Rock and Roll with Bill Halley, Elvis, and Chuck Berry were just getting started. I however lived a very average childhood.    


I became interested in drawing when a friend started doing hot rods so I hopped on that which took me into middle school and High school where the only things I was good at were sports and art due mostly to my Dyslexia and hyper ADHA. I graduated Alfred University with a BFA, but only pursued my art on the side, applying the skills I learned there like scale of my work as well as subject perspective.


Having always felt creating was a spiritual gift, my transition back into my faith was easy. I began to see my work differently and feel as though my art is elevated and much more powerful as a result. In 2007, I began experimenting with fluorescent and glow-in-the-dark paint in conjunction with acrylics to develop my 3-phase series of paintings. I use UV lighting to exploit vibrant hidden layers of color. Once the painting is in darkness, another layer of glow paint emerges, giving you 3 pictures in one.


Lately my focus has been on cultural icons, reminiscent of Andy Warhol but with a flo-glow twist. Very recently I have rediscovered not only my pencil but pen and ink and water colors as well. I trust you find a few pieces that catch your eye and imagination and if you have any ideas hit me up. I also do commission pieces!

B. Farrell Beckner

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